We build products to solve every day problems.

Our Mission

CosmicGiant is focused on empowering people to modernize archaic business processes. Our mission is to equip you with powerful tools that let you and your organization focus on what you’re passionate about and less time on administration.

We create products that solve data and automation problems for Gravity Forms users. Whether that’s taking outdated physical workflows and making them digital, or ensuring your data is secure, we create tools that help save you time and save the environment.

And we’re dedicated to providing you with 100% human support from real Gravity Forms experts (that’s us!), whenever you need it. The team has over a decade combined experience with Gravity Forms, both using it as customers and working at Rocketgenius in development and support roles. We know the platform inside-out and leverage that knowledge to improve our customers’ lives.

Meet the Team

Travis Lopes

Travis Lopes

Head of Product & Business Development

I’ve worked in the WordPress space for over a decade, focusing on providing solutions for clients and customers alike that are deeply customizable but also very easy to use. I’ve been a key member of the Rocketgenius team and spent my days working on Gravity Forms itself and all the official Gravity Forms Add-Ons .

At the start of 2017, I decided to shift that focus to the wider Gravity Forms ecosystem and build plugins that help accomplish tasks that are common amongst the user base.

If you have any questions about CosmicGiant, drop me an email. I’m always happy to help!

Travis Lopes

Karl Potter

Head of Customer Success and Support

I've worked in the WordPress space for over a decade, initially focusing on boutique enterprise level WordPress based solutions for a variety of companies in the financial technology startup space with a heavy focus on customization of Gravity Forms to fit a diverse set of client needs. This ultimately led to a stint at Rocketgenius, the makers of Gravity Forms, focusing on support, bug fixes, and documentation for Gravity Forms itself.

Starting in 2020 I began applying my Gravity Forms acumen here at CosmicGiant focusing on all aspects of the customer facing side of the product suite.

Travis Lopes

Yoren Chang

Head of Engineering

Before joining the team alongside Travis and Karl, I had been a full-time freelancing developer for more than ten years. That's a very unique life experience and I became very good at picking the right project/people/product to work with.

Eventually I found this Gravity universe and happily joined the big family. I worked on several products, including Gravity Forms itself and several payment gateway and CRM add-ons, and later on I've also worked on the operation side of Rocketgenius to maintain web services. Now CosmicGiant is my wonderland where I build wonderful products and exercise engineering muscles.

Our Values

Our primary concern is to make fantastic products to empower customers. We always make sure to put empathy over ego in everything we do, and aim to be as transparent as possible – whether we’re communicating our future roadmap, or a customer is facing an issue we inadvertently caused.

Internally, we’re focused on creating an environment where enjoying the work comes first – building products we love with people we like working with!

We also focus on philanthropic efforts. In the past, we’ve publicly supported and donated to voting rights and animal rights causes and continue to do so.

Whoever you are, wherever you’re based and whatever you do, CosmicGiant is here to help.