ForGravity is Now CosmicGiant

Travis  •    —   5 min read

We’re excited to announce that ForGravity is now CosmicGiant!

We’ve recently launched a rebrand of the company for a handful of reasons. We hope that this post clears up any questions you may have and/or alleviates any confusion or concerns surrounding it.

A Brief Recap of Who We Are

If you’ve landed on this post, you may be a prospective or a current customer and perhaps you’re confused as to why this company with a name you’ve never heard of is now contacting you or billing you. We wanted to first breakdown what we offered under the ForGravity name.

ForGravity (now CosmicGiant) develops third-party add-ons for the WordPress plugin Gravity Forms and we’re part of the handpicked program of Certified Developers that have a close relationship with the official Gravity Forms team.

We make a handful of products that take your form generation to the next level:

With that out of the way, let’s get back to the specifics of the announcement.

What Does This Mean for Me?

First off, we want to assure you that absolutely nothing is actually changing with the company around this other than our brand.

We haven’t been acquired nor plan on selling the company. The same company principals and staff are still involved, we’re not suddenly abandoning the Gravity Forms ecosystem, and your existing licenses and what they have access to will not change.

While we’re dropping the “Gravity” in our name (which we’ll go into more detail below as to the why of that), it also does not change our current commitment to integrating deeply with Gravity Forms by supporting our current product features, as well as providing new value within those as part of new feature updates.

Other than our brand, nothing has changed that wasn’t already the case the day before we flipped the switch. We’re simply just rebranding the company.

But Why?

We’ve done this for a few reasons that we’ll break down below. This is far from an exhaustive list, but hopefully it gives some context as to why we’ve decided to make the change.

Reduce Brand Confusion

Having the word “Gravity” in your name as a Gravity Forms focused company has some upsides and some downsides, the downsides of which lead us to wanting to get away from it.

While having “Gravity” in the name had clearly marked us as part of the Gravity Forms ecosystem and makes things a bit more cohesive across it branding wise, it also sometimes leads customers or prospective customers to believe that our products are made by Gravity Forms, we ourselves sell/maintain Gravity Forms, that the charge on your card is from us when it is really for a Gravity Forms license, etc.

Another common point of confusion that comes up as a company that sells multiple products under a single company name (which is less common in our space versus one product or a suite of products) is that ForGravity is often perceived as a product name and not the company name, which sometimes leads to a breakdown of communication in certain situations. Will this rebrand change that at all? Can’t say, but we think it will at least address some of the points of potential confusion that create that situation that we’ve observed over the years.

At a certain level, it has become a bit more trouble than it is worth to have “Gravity” in the name due to the reasons above which has lead us to get away from it.

Increase Discoverability

While we just hit on having “Gravity” in the company name is good for general discoverability across the overall Gravity Forms ecosystem, and this is generally true, combining that with the word “For” is apparently not so great.

When you tell a search engine to give you “ForGravity,” things get a little tricky because the algorithms will often take this as you meaning you want results “for Gravity (Forms).”

This hasn’t been a huge deal for us, but overall just something we have noticed that makes sense for us to execute on the rebrand. This will hopefully make resources related to our products you may be seeking out via searches outside our website’s search more relevant over time.

The Future

Another big part of why we’ve done this change is some things we have planned in the future.

While we can’t share much specifically, this rebrand allows us to get ahead of some of our future product plans so some of those are less confusingly marketed in the future.

We have a few ideas that will potentially expand us beyond Gravity Forms, specifically into the realm of more general WordPress related products. While these would theoretically still have a deep integration with Gravity Forms, they wouldn’t necessarily be intended or marketed as a “Gravity Forms add-on” so to speak.

These are not new plans as we’ve had a few product ideas in our incubator for a while that were initially conceived with the above in mind, but nothing that is on the horizon of the near future. Rebranding is, however, a necessary step to allow us to do this in the way we’d like when and if that time comes around.

Final Thoughts

There is also a more vain reason why we decided to change. The ForGravity name was largely created out of necessity, to have a wrapper to initially sell our products under years ago. It was never a name we were particularly married to or even enjoyed too much. That coupled along with the more practical reasons listed above has always given us a slight itch over time to rebrand to something we enjoy working under as an overall brand identity.

We hope everything in this post makes sense and that we did a good, transparent job addressing why we’ve decided to totally rebrand the company after operating under another company name for a number of years. As always if you do have any additional questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.