Our Schedule

Here at CosmicGiant, we believe in a healthy work-life balance. Because of this, we take a bit more scheduled time off throughout the year than you may be used to. For that reason, we feel it is best to be transparent about which days we’re closed and any other days around the year where we may be at limited capacity for the benefit of any current and future customers to plan things accordingly and set expectations as granularly as we can.

That being said, we have three states of activity we’ll use to break down our schedule:

Full –

We’re at full operational capacity for product development, support, and pre-sales inquiries. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 10AM-6PM (Eastern Time) and you can expect to receive a response to any inquiries within 24 hours relative to these hours.

Light –

We’re taking things a little easier, however we check in periodically here and there prioritizing anything we believe is particularly critical. Expect responses to be more infrequent than when we’re at Full capacity.

Closed –

We’re totally closed and likely on holiday. You are not likely to hear anything from us until the next business day we’re at Full capacity or depending on the nature of your inquiry, Light capacity.

Now, let’s look at some practical applications of the above:

Our Typical Work Week:

CosmicGiant is a big fan of the four day work week, it allows us to both get more done and wrap things up in a healthy way before the weekend starts with Fridays being more focused on existing technical support tickets and critical issues. This is what you can expect from us during a typical week:

Sunday Closed
Monday Full
Tuesday Full
Wednesday Full
Thursday Full
Friday Light
Saturday Closed

US Federal Holidays

CosmicGiant observes all US federal holidays, you can find a handy list here of all the US federal holidays and the days they are observed on for about the next ten years.

We are in the Closed state for all of these.

Note: Sometimes when observing floating federal holidays we may observe an additional day to give our staff a longer weekend depending on the importance of the specific holiday and when it falls in the week.

Thanksgiving and End of Year Holiday Season


The following is roughly what you can expect the week of American Thanksgiving every year:

Sunday Closed
Monday Full
Tuesday Full
Wednesday Light
Thursday Closed
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed

Note: Due to us usually running a Black Friday sale, we’re a bit more available than normal during this period, even when Closed. During this period we are usually going to prioritize any pre-sale, account, or Black Friday sale related questions. Services like technical support and non-urgent inquiries would resume starting on the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend.

End of Year Holiday Season

The following is roughly what you can expect during the last couple weeks of the year, we’ll be going into hibernation a little bit, but will still be around to serve our customers in a Light capacity on most days (currently reflecting 2024 dates):

December 16thLight
December 17thLight
December 18thLight
December 19thLight
December 20thLight
December 21stClosed
December 22ndClosed
December 23rdClosed
December 24thClosed
December 25thClosed
December 26thClosed
December 27thLight
December 28thClosed
December 29thClosed
December 30thLight
December 31stClosed
January 1stClosed
January 2ndClosed