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A collection of our Gravity Forms Add-Ons in one place   •   Save up to $238 / year

Personal Bundle $399/year Save $198/year
  • Legal Signing Personal
    ($249 value)
  • Advanced Permissions Personal
    ($149 value)
  • Entry Automation Personal
    ($149 value)
  • Usage on 3 sites
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Most Popular Agency Bundle $999/year Save $128/year All-access to our Add-Ons:
all features and functionality!
  • Legal Signing Agency
    ($499 value)
  • Advanced Permissions Agency
    ($299 value)
  • Entry Automation Agency
    ($329 value)
  • Usage on 50 sites
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Professional Bundle $699/year Save $238/year
  • Legal Signing Pro
    ($379 value)
  • Advanced Permissions Pro
    ($229 value)
  • Entry Automation Pro
    ($279 value)
  • Usage on 5 sites
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Gravity Forms Certified Developer

Gravity Forms Certified Developer

CosmicGiant is a Gravity Forms Certified Developer, and our plugins are Gravity Forms Certified Add-Ons.

You’re getting the highest quality code, approved by Gravity Forms.

Why choose a
CosmicGiant bundle?


Do I get new features and products?
You’ll always have access to the plugins listed in the bundle when you make your initial purchase. You’ll receive all new features for your tier free, as long as your subscription is active.

If we release new products in the future, we’ll offer you the option to add these to your bundle with a discount.
Do you offer refunds?
Yes! Our no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee applies to all CosmicGiant purchases, including bundles.
Can I upgrade my Bundle after purchase?
Absolutely! You can upgrade your bundle at any time, for the difference in cost. Learn more about the license upgrade process.
Do you offer support with bundle purchases?
Yes! Every CosmicGiant plugin comes with premium support. When you purchase a bundle, you get full support access for all the products in your bundle. A Gravity Forms expert will answer each support request with tickets answered within one business day.

There's no such thing as first-tier and second-tier support at CosmicGiant; you'll be answered by an expert every time.
How much will I save with a bundle?
You will save up to $298 every year! All the bundles offer a significant saving versus the individual purchase price. The table above has all the details.
How many sites can I use the plugins on?
You can use each plugin in your bundle on up to the number of sites listed. These can be different sites. That’s 3 sites for each of the products in Personal, 5 for Pro, and 50 for Agency. If you need more sites for the Agency bundle, please contact us.
Are you a Gravity Forms Certified Developer?
Yes! CosmicGiant is one of a select number of Gravity Forms Certified Developers. Gravity Forms describes its Partners as: “Trusted, valued, and respected, their development work is unrivaled when it comes to extending Gravity Forms.” All our plugins are Gravity Forms Certified Add-Ons, and we’re honored to have this mark of approval.

Plus, Travis and Karl, our Heads of Development and Support respectively, both have spent time working at Rocketgenius, the creator of Gravity Forms.
Still have questions?

Check out our Knowledge Base, or if you can’t find an answer there, drop us an email.

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