Can I Upgrade My License?

Absolutely! Licenses can be upgraded at any time from your account.

To upgrade a license, log into your account and go to the Licenses page. Here you will find a list containing all of your CosmicGiant plugin licenses. Locate the license you want to upgrade.

A CosmicGiant license, with the ability to upgrade the license

If your license has upgrades available for it, an Upgrade License link be displayed in the actions bar below the license key. Clicking that link will show you all the available upgrade options for your license.

You will then see a list of upgrade options, with the total cost of the license upgrade displayed next to them. Click Upgrade License to proceed to checkout where you can complete the upgrade process.

A list of license upgrade options

With the upgrade purchase completed, your license will now have access to additional site activations and/or features for that upgrade option.

How Is My Upgrade Price Calculated?

At CosmicGiant, we use a mix of proration methods depending on the license you are upgrading, we’ll break these down below:

Note: Your existing renewal date is always maintained when upgrading a license.

Time Based Proration

The price paid to upgrade will factor in the price difference between the tier you are on and the one you are upgrading to, as well as the time remaining in the current license’s term. This time period ranges from the time of the upgrade to the time of your next annual renewal. Your original renewal date will always be maintained and future renewals will occur at the full price for the license tier you are upgrading to.

Time based proration is applicable in the following scenarios:

Cost Based Proration

The price paid to upgrade will *only* factor in the difference in price between your current license tier and the tier you are upgrading to; *your current license renewal date will still apply*.

Cost based proration is applicable in the following scenarios:

For instance, if you were to upgrade a Personal Fillable PDFs or Legal Signing license that renews March 1st every year to an Agency tier license of either product on January 1st, you will pay the full price difference between those two tiers on January 1st to upgrade the license to Agency and you will also be charged *again* on March 1st of that year for the full price of your new license tier when your renewal date comes around.

Cost based proration is used when upgrading Fillable PDFs and Legal Signing licenses due to how we handle PDF generation via our proprietary API server.