License Expiry

What Happens if My License Expires?

If a license for any CosmicGiant plugin you have installed expires, the plugin will remain on your site, however, you will lose the following benefits of your license:

Expired Fillable PDFs and Legal Signing licenses include all of the above factors as well as:

If you are using an expired Entry Automation license, you may also lose access to the following additional benefits:

When Does My License Expire?

A CosmicGiant license will expire under the following scenarios:

You can see your license renewal dates on both the Licenses and Subscriptions page within your CosmicGiant account.

Note: Once a license expires, it is expired for good. If your license is expired, and you’d like to continue receiving the benefits of having an active license again, you will need to purchase a new license from our site.

Renewal Reminders

Our licensing system will begin sending you renewal reminders on a weekly basis beginning two weeks prior to the date your license is to renew. You will also be sent an additional email 24 hours after license renewal confirming that the renewal went through successfully.

When receiving these reminders, we would recommend double-checking the payment method that is on file to best ensure a smooth renewal occurs.