Privacy Policy

Google Drive

We offer a Google Drive extension for Entry Automation that lets you store your exported entries within your Google Drive account. When you install the Entry Automation Google Drive extension, you will be prompted to authorize access with your Google account. This authorization will only be used to perform the service you are requesting from the extension you have installed.

Entry Automation Google Drive extension can see, edit, create, and delete only the specific Google Drive files you use with this app. While authentication requests happen through our servers, we do not store your Google account information or authentication credentials on our servers. All Google account information is stored on the site where you initialize authentication. We also do not store any information regarding your Google Drive account, including files and folder structures. As we do not store any of the information above that would be required to access your data after authentication, only the Google Drive Extension running on your local site’s system can access your entry data after authentication; we have no ability to access it.