Announcing Legal Signing 1.0

Karl  •    —   5 min read

We’re pleased to announce the release of Legal Signing for Gravity Forms version 1.0, available June 15th, 2022.

Legal Signing allows you to take signatures collected via the Gravity Forms Signature Add-On and use those signatures in conjunction with fillable PDF templates to generate secure, legally binding, documents from form submissions.

Check out our most recent video demo of Legal Signing below to see an overview of the feature set of the product:

A couple key features of Legal Signing:

Create legally binding contracts from signatures captured via the Gravity Forms Signature Add-On

Signatures captured via the Gravity Forms Signature Add-On are not technically legally binding. Legal Signing takes these signatures and tracks the additional elements that are required to make these signatures ESIGN and UETA compliant with United States signature law. For a full breakdown on how we do this, see our compliance page.

Capture data and signatures from multiple signers all from a single entry

Legal Signing introduces Signing Workflows that allows you to essentially add multiple submitters to a Gravity Forms form that can all come to sign and submit on an asynchronous basis based on how you’ve set up the workflow for the form, whether this be one after the other or all at any time until all signers have completed.

When setting up a Signing Workflow as part of a Legal Signing feed, you can add as many signers as you’d like and choose which fields on the form those users will be able to view, interact with, and submit values for. You can even have certain signers see only the fields they’ve been specifically assigned if you only need to capture a smaller amount of information for a certain signer.

When it comes time for a signer to take their turn, they are sent a securely generated link via an email notification that will load a version of the form tailored to their end of the signing session. When they finish filling out their version of the form and submit, the existing entry tied to the overall signing session gets updated with the current state of the combined dataset for the overall session. This also allows you to do powerful things like have multiple separate submitters collaborate on the same field values across a given signing session, which is an extremely pricy feature in products like DocuSign and usually locked to the higher priced plans in cloud based signature platforms.

When all signers have completed their ends of the signing session, a PDF is generated based on how you’ve set up your field mappings in your Legal Signing feed is generated from the combined dataset collected from all signers in the session. This is a secure document that is read-only, can’t be re-generated if someone were to change the entry values in Gravity Forms or in the database after the session is complete.

Legal Signing FAQs and Documentation

We’ve made a number of initial FAQs available towards the bottom of this page that we’d highly recommend reading to see if any of those are currently a dealbreaker with your desired implementation with Legal Signing. The first version of Legal Signing has a handful of potentially important to you limitations we’ll be looking to solve in future versions soon after this initial launch, so make sure to take those into account when evaluating the product against your needs.

Most notably limitation wise is Legal Signing does not support payment collections in all scenarios, see this article for a comprehensive breakdown on the situation.

We also have quite a bit of documentation ready at launch we’d recommend taking a look at that you can view by category here, if you see anything you feel may be improved as you start using the product please don’t hesitate to drop us a line in support.

And now for a few housekeeping notes of interest we’d like to highlight in this release roundup:

Current Fillable PDFs customer? You can upgrade to Legal Signing and keep your existing setups in tact.

Legal Signing builds on the work we’ve done in Fillable PDFs to generate documents using fillable PDF templates and Gravity Forms, but adds the additional powerful features exclusive to Legal Signing such as workflows and legally binding signatures. Because of this, you can upgrade your Fillable PDFs license at any time from your account, download the Legal Signing plugin files from your account, and install Legal Signing on your site.

When you activate Legal Signing in WordPress and an active install of Fillable PDFs is detected, a migrator will be run automatically that converts over all of your Fillable PDFs feeds on your forms to Legal Signing feeds. All these feeds will continue to work as normal but you’ll now be able to either add a signing workflow to them or set up new feeds that utilize signing workflows.

Note: When intending to migrate to Legal Signing, we would recommend doing a full backup of your site first as a precaution or testing the migration on a staging mirror of your site first. We’ve tested the migrator throughly during development and are more than confident in how well it works, but it is always better to be safe than sorry and have a backup.

Legal Signing is replacing Fillable PDFs in the CosmicGiant Bundle

With the launch of Legal Signing, the product will be replacing Fillable PDFs within the CosmicGiant Bundle. This is because we both view the bundle as the most high level package we offer and to simplify messaging due to Legal Signing being able to do everything Fillable PDFs can do out of the box in addition to the new features it brings to the table.

This is just a case of simplification within the bundle. You will still be able to purchase Fillable PDFs separately from its pricing page, that product won’t be going anywhere and is absolutely still a huge part of our product suite moving forward and will receive the same amount of individual development and support attention as it did previously.

Note for existing CosmicGiant Bundle customers: If you have a CosmicGiant Bundle license that was purchased prior to today (the cutoff is June 14th, 2022 11:59PM Eastern Time) and that license is currently active and not expired, you will see Legal Signing automatically added to your downloads page as of the launch today in addition to Fillable PDFs. All aspects of your existing subscription such as your renewal price and date are maintained provided your license does not expire.

Wrapping Up

For a full breakdown on the product’s features, check out our features page.

Ready to buy? Check out pricing here.