ForGravity’s 2022 Black Friday Sale

Karl  •    —   3 min read

Black Friday is just around the corner, if you’ve arrived at this post you’re already looking for the specifics, so without further ado…

ForGravity will be running a 30% discount off new licenses, as well as license upgrades for existing licenses, for all of our plugins beginning at Midnight on November 21st, 2022 (EST) and ending at 11:59PM on November 30th, 2022 (EST).

You can take advantage of this discount using promo code BF2022 at checkout.

This discount code can be applied to any of our plugins, even our ForGravity bundle. The code is a one-time use, so if you plan to take advantage of the sale as a chance to purchase multiple plugins, make sure you have all desired products in your cart at the time of checkout.

This is historically one of the few times a year we run sales and always the highest discount percentage of any sale we’ll run in any given year, so if you’re looking to get going with a ForGravity plugin, this sale is certainly the most frugal time!

Important Notes:

Why Buy From ForGravity?

Here at ForGravity we’re all about making your life easier and allowing you to supercharge your Gravity Forms beyond the norm; allowing you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what you’re passionate about.

Whether it be digitizing your document intake via Fillable PDFs (or if you need those documents to be legally binding signed documents, Legal Signing), setting up automated exports or deletions of your entry data using Entry Automation, or client proofing your forms with Advanced Permissions; we’ve got you covered.

What’s Next for ForGravity?

If you’re not quite sold already, we’d like to document a few items we have coming down the pipeline.

Google Drive Support for Entry Automation

We recently started the work of adding more integrations with file services to our Entry Automation product, allowing you more options for exporting your entry data to outside services as part of an Export Entries task.

Hot on the heels of our Dropbox integration, we’ll soon be adding support for sending off generated export files to Google Drive.

The Google Drive integration will be available to to Professional and Agency tier Entry Automation license holders in a future major release.

Signature Field for Legal Signing

Currently with our Legal Signing product, you need access to the Gravity Forms Signature Add-On from Gravity Forms to power the actual signature capture for the legally binding documents Legal Signing generates.

In 2023 we’re looking to add our own native signature field to the product that will have some expanded features versus the Gravity Forms add-on. A few things our signature field will bring to the table:

The Signature field will be available to all Legal Signing license holders in a future major release.


If you have any questions about anything related to our Black Friday promotion, or any of our products, please do not hesitate to drop us a line via our contact form.