Announcing Fillable PDFs 3.0

Travis  •    —   4 min read

Fillable PDFs for Gravity Forms version 3.0 will be available April 26, 2021 via auto-update and for download from the Downloads page.

New Year, New Look!

Fillable PDFs 3.0 comes with an entirely refreshed design, inspired by Gravity Forms 2.5. Every single view has been updated, with lots of minor enhancements to deal with frequently mentioned issues.

The Import PDFs page has had a massive under-the-hood overhaul to fix issues when converting PDFs with hundreds of fields.

Our best-in-class visual mapper now presents more information when mapping to individual fields, including the field’s dimensions and its default value.

Embed image in PDF field

Warnings for mapping conflicts

The most frequently encountered issues revolve around quirks with the PDF standard that aren’t readily apparent when setting up a document. We’ve added warnings within the visual mapper to alert you of conflicts as they arise.

Each warning is accompanied by a link to a documentation article explaining the issue more in-depth, along with steps on how to resolve the problem.

Nested Forms Support

You can now map to Nested Forms fields, including full support for image uploads and signatures. This allows you to choose which child entry to populate fields from: first entry, last entry, a specific entry, or automatically select the next entry.

Mapping to a Nested Forms field

Flatten individual fields

Along with removing interactive fields from the entire document, a new visual mapping modifier lets you flatten individual fields, making them read-only and uneditable by the end-user.

Merge tag autocomplete

No more remembering the merge tag for every field on your form! You now have full access to the standard Gravity Forms merge tag drop down when mapping to a custom value.

Full field values

Gone are the days of having to chain multiple merge tags together to add a full address to a PDF field. Options have been added to the form field drop down to populate full Name and Address field values.

Image Choices Support

With Gravity Forms Image Choices by JetSloth, you can easily add images as choices for your radio button and checkboxes fields. And now, using our new visual mapping modifier, the selected field choice image can be embedded directly into your PDF.

Mapping to a field with Image Choices

Regenerate PDFs on Edit

A new feed level option has been added for regenerating a PDF when an entry has been updated. Not only will it regenerate when editing an entry in the WordPress dashboard, but it will also regenerate when updating an entry with GravityView.

Removed Site Restrictions For Templates

When uploading a template, it gets associated with both your license key and the site you registered it on. Unless you enable global access for a template, you won’t be able to access that template on any of your other sites.

This creates a lot of confusion when changing the domain of your site, such as when migrating from staging to production – suddenly, all of your templates have disappeared, and the template limit count does not match what you see in the templates list.

We’re doing away with that.

Any template you upload will be accessible and editable on any site associated with your license key. A warning has been added when deleting a template to remind you that it can no longer be used to generate PDFs on any of your sites, not just the site you’re deleting it on.

Release Notes