Introducing Fillable PDFs for Gravity Forms

Travis  •    —   1 min read

Fillable PDFs for Gravity Forms is now available for purchase.

Fillable PDFs for Gravity Forms lets you generate editable PDFs with entry data on every form submission. The generated PDFs can be automatically attached to notifications, locked with passwords to prevent unwanted parties from viewing the document and can be flattened so that no further editing can take place.

All PDFs are generated on CosmicGiant’s servers to save the hassle of having to setup and configure the software needed to create the PDFs.

You can also convert existing editable PDF forms into Gravity Forms forms. Fillable PDFs will automatically detect the available fields and allow you to modify the field labels, types and choices before creating the form.

Fillable PDFs also integrates with Gravity Flow, letting you generate PDFs at a specific point in your workflow.

Several pricing tiers are available based on the amount of PDFs you need to generate per month. Importing PDFs do not count against the monthly usage limit.

View the documentation for Fillable PDFs.

Purchase Fillable PDFs.