CosmicGiant is Sponsoring WordCamp Europe 2023

Karl  •    —   1 min read

CosmicGiant is proud to announce we will be sponsoring WordCamp Europe 2023 which will run from June 8th, 2023 to June 10th, 2023 in Athens, Greece. Our entire full-time team of three will be attending the event, so do be sure to swing by and say hi at our booth (we’ll even give you some awesome stickers).

We do also plan to run a license giveaway for those attending the event, the details of which we’ll announce in a future post.

This will be the first major WordPress community event any of us will be attending since 2019’s WordCamp Europe in Berlin, Germany, so we’re very excited to attend and delighted to be sponsoring the event as part of that.

We’ll be sharing more news about the event and our involvement later this year.