Using One-Time Password Conditional Logic

One-Time Password allows you to set up conditional logic rules in various places where conditional logic is supported based on if the form submitter has verified their one-time password successfully or not.

This allows you to do things like:

…and supported in most other locations where traditional Gravity Forms conditional logic is supported.

One of the things you specifically can’t do with conditional logic and a One-Time Password field is use conditional logic on your source field you’ve selected for the One-Time Password field as that source field having a value entered is required for the One-Time Password field to function.

All you need to do to set up a rule based on the One-Time Password field is to activate conditional logic in your desired location as you normally would and scroll down to the One-Time Password field option (what this option is labeled will depend on the field label you’ve set for the field in the form editor). Selecting this option will then give you the ability to set up a conditional logic rule based on two options, whether the password for the field has been verified or if it has not been verified.