Announcing Entry Automation 3.0

Travis  •    —   4 min read

Entry Automation for Gravity Forms version 3.0 will be available April 26, 2021 via auto-update and for download from the Downloads page.

Excel file format now supported

Entry Automation now comes with native support for generating Excel export files! You’re no longer limited to having to use CSV files that don’t always open cleanly in Excel.

Entry Automation Export File Formats

Paired with our extensions, this makes it extremely simple to create Excel reports of your form submissions that can then be sent to your FTP server or Dropbox account.

Improved entry targeting

Entry Automation Target Entries Settings

We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing customer feedback around difficulties setting up the date range. The free-form setting is often confusing, especially when you just want to get the entries since the last time the task ran. The Date Range now has three distinct target types to make task creation even easier:

When making changes to the entry targeting, you’ll see a live-updating summary to let you know exactly what your choices will result in.

The custom-defined Date Range still functions as it has in the past, but will now make some suggestions based on common use-cases.

Not only can the Date Range be applied to when entries were created, but it can now apply to when entries were updated and apply to the values of Date fields on the form. You can also target entries based on their entry status.

New scheduling options

Entry Automation Schedule Task Settings

Task scheduling has also gotten some enhancements. Along with being able to schedule a task to run every few minutes/hours/days/etc., you can now have tasks run on specific days of the week or days of the month.This opens up the possibility of running tasks only on weekdays, the first and third weeks of the month, and more.

And, similar to entry targeting, there’s a live updating summary to let you know exactly when your task will run.

Multiple CSV enhancements

CSV export files now have full feature parity with the JSON and PDF export files.

Nested Forms and Entry Notes can now be included in generated CSV export files. Each Nested Form child entry and Entry Note will appear as a separate row beneath each entry.

Any multiple input field can now have its full value displayed in one column instead of being limited to separate columns for each input.

Delete export files

The option to delete an export file after the task has run has been promoted from being a setting only available when emailing an export file to being available to all Export Entries tasks.

Entry Automation Delete Export File Setting

This is great for when you need to send your export file to your Dropbox account or FTP server but don’t need it available locally afterward.

Gravity Flow Step

We’ve included a brand new Gravity Flow Workflow Step for Entry Automation, opening up the ability to generate export files as part of a workflow.

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