Advanced Permissions v1.1 Released

Travis  •    —   1 min read

Advanced Permissions for Gravity Forms version 1.1 is now available via auto-update and for download from the Downloads page.

This release adds some minor feature enhancements, bug fixes and improved Gravity Flow integration.

Ruleset Operators

If you want to disable a capability on a form for all but one user on your site, you no longer have to add all of them to a rule. The new is and is not operators make it easier to setup what users and roles are targeted in a ruleset.

Export Entries Capability

You can now control whether or not a user is able to export the entries for each form.

Hiding Unaccessible Forms

If a user does not have access to any of the core Gravity Forms capabilities or any activated Add-Ons for a form, that form will now be removed from the main Forms list, Form Switcher and the Dashboard widget.

Advanced Permissions Version 1.1 Release Notes