Entry Automation v1.3 Released

Travis  •    —   2 min read

Entry Automation for Gravity Forms version 1.3 is now available via auto-update and for download from the account page.

This release features a completely rewritten automation engine for improved reliability. More precise automation run times can be selected. Available extensions are listed and installable directly from the plugin settings page. Entry notes can be included with JSON and PDF export files.

New Automation Engine

Previously, Entry Automation would run an action every fifteen minutes to check which Automation tasks were due to be run and process them. This could cause task times to become out of sync due to one task taking too long or the WordPress cron not running at the proper time.

With Entry Automation 1.3, Automation tasks are scheduled as individual events in the WordPress cron, which keeps tasks running on time and allows for more flexibility when scheduling them.

Improved Time Selection

As mentioned above, there is now more flexibility in Automation task run times in Entry Automation 1.3. This means you can now schedule tasks to run _every minute_, not just every 15! There is also a redesigned interface for selecting the date and time.

Extensions Support

A brand new Extensions framework has been added to Entry Automation. This allows for new plugins to extend and enhance the functionality of Entry Automation, like the Entry Automation FTP Extension also being released today.

Extensions will be available to all unlimited site license owners. Don’t have an unlimited site license? You can upgrade at a pro-rated price at any time.

Entry Notes

Entry notes can now be included in JSON and PDF export files.

In JSON files, a custom label can be used and the notes will be presented using the same structure as the notes are stored within Gravity Forms.

In PDF files, notes will be appended to each entry, similar to how they are displayed when printing entries from Gravity Forms.

Entry Automation Version 1.3 Release Notes