Say Hello to ForGravity

Travis  •    —   2 min read

ForGravity is a WordPress plugin shop focused around making common Gravity Forms tasks effortless.

With today’s launch, we have three plugins available.

Entry Automation

Entry Automation for Gravity Forms simplifies actions related to Gravity Forms form entries.

Using the Export Entries action, Entry Automation for Gravity Forms will export your form entries on a defined scheduled based on the fields you select. Not only is this great for backing up form entries, but it can also be used to generate weekly sales reports on payment based forms. Entry Automation for Gravity Forms automatically saves the exported form entries to your Gravity Forms uploads folder; however, you can also have the export file sent right to your inbox.

Have a backlog of form entries you don’t need anymore? The Delete Entries action will remove those unwanted entries, including any files uploaded with them.

Entry Automation for Gravity Forms allows you to set a relative date range for which entries should be processed and, for more granular control, conditional logic is available as well.


Easy Passthrough

Easy Passthrough for Gravity Forms allows you to send Gravity Forms entry data around to different forms with minimal setup time. Gone are the days of setting up dozens of parameter names for your fields and passing them to another form through a wicked long query string!

With Easy Passthrough, all you have to do is navigate to your target form and set up a new configuration telling Easy Passthrough what form to get the data from and what fields to map it to. That’s it! When users fill out a form during their browsing session, a reference to the entry they created is stored in a cookie. Once they view a form that has Easy Passthrough enabled, the data from the other form is automatically populated.


Live Population

Live Population for Gravity Forms makes merge tags even more powerful, providing you with the ability to insert them into your field labels, descriptions, placeholders and default values.

Not only will the merge tags be replaced on form render, but when a user is filling out your form, Live Population for Gravity Forms will automatically replace merge tags with the data the user is entering into the fields!


All plugin licenses are valid on five sites and provide a full year of support and updates.


A special thanks to Chris, Dave, Steve, Carl and everyone else at Rocketgenius who provided feedback and helped beta test the plugins.

These three plugins are only the start for ForGravity. We have more in the pipeline, with plugins centered around improving form conversions, providing a new way to share form entries and making it easier to keep track of all your Gravity Forms forms. Stay tuned!