ForGravity’s 2021 Black Friday Sale

Karl  •    —   4 min read

Black Friday is just around the corner, if you’ve arrived at this post you’re already looking for the specifics, so without further ado…

ForGravity will be running a 30% discount off new licenses, as well as license upgrades for existing licenses, for all of our plugins beginning at Midnight on November 23rd, 2021 (EST) and ending at 11:59PM on December 1st, 2021 (EST).

You can take advantage of this discount using promo code BF2021 at checkout.

This discount code can be applied to any of our plugins, even our ForGravity bundle. The code is a one-time use, so if you plan to take advantage of the sale as a chance to purchase multiple plugins, make sure you have all desired products in your cart at the time of checkout.

This is historically the only sale we run a year, so if you’re looking to get going with a ForGravity plugin, this sale is certainly the most frugal time!

Important Notes:

Why Buy From ForGravity?

Here at ForGravity we’re all about making your life easier and allowing you to supercharge your Gravity Forms beyond the norm; allowing you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what you’re passionate about.

Whether it be digitizing your document intake via Fillable PDFs, setting up automated exports or deletions of your entry data using Entry Automation, or client proofing your forms with Advanced Permissions; we’ve got you covered.

What’s Next for ForGravity?

If you’re not quite sold already, we’d like to document a few items we have coming down the pipeline.

Powerful New Entry Automation Features

Fresh off a recent major release that added support for exporting uploaded files with your entry data, we’ll already be releasing the next major version of Entry Automation before the end of this year.

This release will include the ability to filter notifications via an Entry Automation task which can allow you to do powerful things like set up delayed notifications, run drip style marketing campaigns directly from your form, or set up email reminders.

Also added in this release is a feature that isn’t really covered directly in any other Gravity Forms add-on, the ability to export and delete draft submissions created via the built-in Save and Continue feature in Gravity Forms. In progress draft submissions are difficult to access for a large portion of users given they’re only available by looking for them directly in the database (unless you’re already utilizing the Partial Entries add-on) until they’re either abandoned or the user resumes them and submits the form.

With the forthcoming version of Entry Automation this pain point now goes away as you can now set up automated exports of your existing draft submissions and send those to your team in a digestible format just like when you export your entries via the default exporting tools in Gravity Forms or within Entry Automation.

You can also combine the two flagship features of this release to do something extremely powerful and often requested in the Gravity Forms space, set up reminder emails for in progress save and continue draft submissions. Don’t lose out on those leads anymore, let Entry Automation remind your users to get back to filling out the form.

Legal Signing for Gravity Forms

We recently announced a new upcoming addition to our product suite, Legal Signing for Gravity Forms.

A common problem a portion of the Gravity Forms user base has is that the signatures collected via the Gravity Forms Signature add-on are not legally binding in a bulletproof sense (though they could be as-is depending on how your jurisdiction handles esignatures), adding enough uncertainty that folks may need to use something more complex than what fits their needs like a DocuSign type solution to eliminate any uncertainty in the legality.

With Legal Signing that will now be a thing of the past, you can now generate signed, legally binding, documents directly in WordPress using Gravity Forms in a way that feels integrated naturally into the Gravity Forms platform.

Legal Signing will allow you to set up advanced signature collection workflows as well as handle capturing any additional information Gravity Forms does not already collect to best ensure the legality of the signature being collected. This includes features like a full audit trail for every signer, an official X509 certificate generated via our API certifying the authenticity of the document, and additional document security to ensure that the generated document can’t be tampered with and remain legally certified after signing.

We’ve been very hard at work over the last few months planning, designing, and vetting the feature set with our legal counsel and are now moving on to developing this add-on to give our users access to the best esignature solution for WordPress while still keeping true to our Gravity Forms roots.

Legal Signing is planned to launch early next year.


If you have any questions about anything related to our Black Friday promotion, or any of our products, please do not hesitate to drop us a line via our contact form.