CosmicGiant’s 2023 Black Friday Sale

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UPDATE: 11/28/2023:

We’ve decided to extend our Black Friday 2023 sale out a little bit longer to give everyone an extra chance to save up to 40% off new licenses and license upgrades for all of our products! The sale will now end at 11:59PM EST on December 1st! Same discounts, just available for a little bit longer!

Check out the original post on the sale below for more details, keeping the new end date in mind:

Black Friday is just around the corner! If you’ve arrived at this post, you’re already looking for the specifics, so without further ado (and be sure to scroll down for a look at what we have in the pipeline for 2024)…

CosmicGiant will be running a tiered discount off up to 40% on new licenses, as well as license upgrades for existing licenses, on all of our products beginning at Midnight on November 20th, 2023 (EST) and ending at 11:59PM on November 28th, 2023 (EST).

You can save:

Discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

You can use this discount on any of our products, even our CosmicGiant bundle!

This is historically one of the few times a year we run sales and always the highest maximum discount percentage of any sale we’ll run in any given year, so if you’re looking to get going with a CosmicGiant product, this sale is certainly the most frugal time!

Important Notes:

Why Buy From CosmicGiant?

Here at CosmicGiant, we’re all about making your life easier and allowing you to supercharge your Gravity Forms beyond the norm; allowing you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what you’re passionate about.

Whether it be digitizing your document intake via Fillable PDFs (or if you need those documents to be legally binding signed documents, Legal Signing), setting up automated exports or deletions of your entry data using Entry Automation, or client proofing your forms with Advanced Permissions; we’ve got you covered.

If you’d like to take a look at what some of our product line can do, be sure to check out the Gravity Forms Virtual Summit that is running all day on November 15th, 2023 where our very own Travis Lopes will be running a session on Legal Signing: Discover a New Agency Niche in the 12:10PM (EST) time slot.

What’s Next for CosmicGiant?

If you’re not quite sold already, here’s a look at a few items we have coming down the pipeline.

Region Support for Fillable PDFs and Legal Signing

In the next major version of both Fillable PDFs and Legal Signing, we will add support for selecting from which geographic region you’d like to have our API process PDFs generated through your license key.

Initially, we will offer the choice between a server based in the United States or Europe. Our system for this will be easily scalable to spin up new regions if enough demand is there for additional ones, so do drop us a line if you’d like to see any additional regions added.

This will be great for customers or prospective customers who can’t have data leaving their region due to various data/security compliance reasons.

This will be a global setting for your license set via the global product settings, i.e. if you set it to Europe on one site, all the other sites on your license key will also change to Europe region processing.

Stronger Signer Verification for Legal Signing

In a future version of Legal Signing, we will be adding an additional verification step for the first signer that, after their initial submission, will send them an email notification to verify their signature action.

This addition will bring us fully into compliance with simple eIDAS regulation in the European Union! If you’ve been holding off on making the plunge into a Legal Signing license because of us not explicitly saying we’re compliant with eIDAS, Legal Signing 4.0 will take care of that!

For US customers, having this additional verification is not strictly a requirement in regards to US e-signature law. The product is and has always been fully compliant with ESIGN and UETA in the US, but it will strengthen the overall signature validity for initial signers slightly as additional evidence outside of what is spelt out in the letter of the law similar to other additional document authority measures we have in place.

Regardless of your location, this is a mandatory change to the overall product flow that is being made across the board.

Multi-Form Exporting Extension for Entry Automation

2024 will also see the release of our Multi-Form Export Extension for Entry Automation.

This extension will allow you to set up a sort of global export entries task that can link together multiple forms into the same export file.

With this, you could easily set up an export task that exports a single file with entry data from all of your site’s forms at once on a regular basis.

This extension will be available as part of a Professional or Agency tier Entry Automation license.

Brand New Product: One-Time Password

Last but not least, we’re pleased to announce a totally new product we’ll be adding to our lineup: One-Time Password for Gravity Forms.

One-Time Password will allow you to do email based OTP verification on the fly via a linked email field on your form. When added to a form, you can use it to prevent a form from being submitted unless the user provides a valid code sent to their entered email address.

SMS verification will come in a future release (under a new, higher priced, license tier that will not be offered at launch).

You’ll be able to control aspects like the length of the code, how long until the code times out, and which field the email address to link up to the OTP process will be sourced from.

This will be part of a line of smaller scope products we’ll be releasing over the next little bit as part of an effort to round out our product suite with very focused products that are offered at a lower price point than our “mainline” products that have more advanced use cases. Our goal here is to fill some smaller gaps in the Gravity Forms ecosystem we see that don’t yet have an existing solution that matches the level of polish our products have.

We don’t have anything to share right now on an estimated related date or pricing, but the product is decently far along at the time of this post being written.

The one thing we can share pricing related would be that One-Time Password will be automatically available to any CosmicGiant Bundle license holders without any increase in your current subscription pricing (provided you don’t let your license expire).

With the addition of this product now would be a great time to use our Black Friday discount to save on a Bundle license or upgrade to a bundle before One-Time Password is added to the bundle! We always increase the price of the bundle for new customers when new products are added to the bundle, but like with all of the pricing for our licenses, as long as you keep your initial subscription active you’ll continue to pay the same price for that subscription each year regardless of what the current price is for new customers.

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