ForGravity is now CosmicGiant!

Getting Started

With Advanced Permissions, you can limit what parts of Gravity Forms users can access on a per-form basis.

Setting Up Your First Ruleset

Advanced Permissions interface

  1. On the form you want to add permissions to, hover over the Settings link (found either in the Forms List or in the toolbar when editing a form) and click Permissions.
  2. Click the Click here to create your first permissions rule. link to add your first rule.
  3. Select who you want to target with this ruleset: certain user roles or specific users.
  4. Select one or more users/roles in the Rule Target drop down.
  5. Determine how each capability should be applied to the targets.

    Each capability has three possible states.

    Disabled (Red) – The user will be unable to access this feature.

    Inherit (Grey) – The user’s access to this feature will use what’s already set for the role.

    Enabled (Green) – The user will be able to access this feature.

  6. That’s it! Your ruleset is setup. Any changes you make are automatically saved, so don’t worry about having to click a submit button for the permissions to apply.

If you’d like to go beyond a single ruleset for a from, check out our documentation on setting up multiple rulesets.