Setting Up Multiple Rulesets

Advanced Permissions supports multiple rulesets for each form.

Once you’ve added a ruleset to a form, an Add New Rule button will appear below the last ruleset.

When multiple rulesets exist for a form and multiple rulesets apply to a user, the capabilities will be merged together in the order they appear to determine final access.

For example, we have two rulesets on a form. The first applies to any user with the Editor role and has Edit Form Settings set to Disabled. The second applies to the user JohnDoe, who is also an Editor, and has Edit Form Settings set to Enabled. When Advanced Permissions goes to apply the permissions, JohnDoe will have access to Edit Form Settings.

The order rulesets are applied in can be rearranged by clicking on the bar at the top of the ruleset and dragging it into the desired order.