Mapping to Image Choices

Have a form utilizing JetSloth’s Image Choices Add-On? Starting with Fillable PDFs 3.0 you’re now able to map fields using image choices and embed their associated images directly into a PDF field.

Before getting started here, make sure you’re familiar with setting up a Fillable PDFs feed and know your way around our mapper.

  1. Create or Edit a Fillable PDFs feed for a form that has a field that supports image choices, select your desired template, and click the Map Fields button to open the mapper.
  2. Select the field in your template you’d like to map the image choice to.
  3. In the right of the mapper, click Form Field.
  4.  Select your field that is utilizing image choices from the list of available fields.
  5. If you’d like to embed the image for the field’s choice within the PDF, toggle on the Embed selected choice image setting. Otherwise the choice value will be used instead.