Merge Tags

Fillable PDFs uses merge tags to allow you to dynamically insert links to generated PDFs in your notifications, confirmations and more.

A merge tag uses curly braces and looks like this: {fillable_pdfs}.

You can learn more about merge tags in general in this Gravity Forms documentation article.

The {fillable_pdfs} Merge Tag

Everywhere the {fillable_pdfs} merge tag is used, it is included in the merge tags drop down for easy inserting into your notification or confirmation. A separate option is available for each Fillable PDFs feed on your form.

The {fillable_pdfs} merge tag has three parameters: {fillable_pdfs:[feed_id]:[modifier]}.

Required. This is also referred to as the descriptor. It tells Gravity Forms that this is a Fillable PDFs merge tag, rather than a standard field merge tag.

Required. This is the feed ID to get the Generated PDF from.

Optional. A list of possible modifiers are listed below.


Displays only the file name of the PDF.

Displays only the URL of the PDF.

Display only the signed URL of the PDF.