Creating a New Task via the Gravity Forms Export Entries Screen

Have a form that you’re frequently exporting entries from manually using the built in Gravity Forms export tool? Starting with Entry Automation 4.0, you can now very conveniently create a new Export Entries Task directly from the Gravity Forms Export Entries screen, using your selections there to set up an automated export.

Moving from using the built-in tool to Entry Automation, even if you never plan to run your Tasks in an automated and scheduled fashion, can speed up your exporting routines significantly. Even if you still intend to manually export entries from a form, a manually triggered Export Entries Task can do that for you in a single click versus the default tool where you’d need to select a form and fields to export each time.

To create a new Task via this route, all you need to do is:

  1. Navigate to the Forms > Import/Export page in your WordPress admin.
  2. Navigate to the Export Entries tab.
  3. Select your form and check off the fields and entry meta you’d like to include in the export.
  4. Click the Create Entry Automation Task button.
  5. A banner notification will appear near the top of the page stating that Task creation was successful, click the link within it to finish setting up your Task.