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Task Specific Merge Tags

Introduced in Entry Automation 4.0, Task specific merge tags allow you to include dynamic information about the Task being run anywhere within your Task settings where merge tags are supported including (but not limited to) the task name, export folder name, and within the configuration of the email sent (when enabled) via the Email Settings tab within an Export Entries task.

You can learn more about merge tags in general in this Gravity Forms documentation article.

Merge Tags

The name of the Task that was run.

The ID of the Task that was run.

The number of entries processed when the Task was run.

The beginning of the entry date range for the Task.

Note: If no date range start has been set in the Task (i.e. the Task always returns entries from the beginning of time) this merge tag’s output will be empty.

The ending of the entry date range for the Task. If no date range end has been set in the Task, the current runtime for the Task will be output.


The {date_range_start} and {date_range_end} merge tags both support the same time and date format modifiers as the Gravity Forms Entry Date Merge Tags.