Changing API Region

As of version 4.0 of Legal Signing, you can now select between multiple regions to control where your documents are being generated. As you may know, Legal Signing is powered by a remote API server we control where the document generation takes place. Prior to 4.0, all document generation ran through where the server was hosted in the United States, now, you can choose between multiple regions including the European Union!

Note: All licensing checks in the product will still run through our primary licensing server in the United States regardless of the region you select. No data related to document generation is included in these license checks.

Which regions are supported?

Currently, Legal Signing supports two API regions:

Need an additional region not listed above? Drop us a line with your request for a new region. Our system allows us to spin up new regions relatively easy, however, enough collective demand needs to be met from customer requests for it to make sense for us to add a new one.

How To Change Regions

Region selection can be done from the main settings page of the product and is located in a dropdown right below the license key setting.

To swap regions, simply change the value of the dropdown and save the settings. All documents generated via your license key (not just on this site) will then be swapped to use the selected API server region.

There are some extremely important things to keep in mind when changing API regions if you’re already using the product on one region. For more on those please review the section below in full.

Import Factors To Consider When Changing API Regions

The API regions are not something you can hot swap between and keep your existing setup automatically. If you have a Legal Signing setup currently working on the United States region, changing to the Europe region will not automatically port that same setup to function under the Europe region when you change the region, and vice versa.

This is because the fillable templates you’ve uploaded via the product to your license key only exist on one of the regional servers at a time. If you upload a template to the United States server, it won’t also be automatically available on the Europe server. This goes for any of the regional servers we offer, your templates are only going to exist on one of them at a time.

This setting also changes the region used across your entire license key once you make the change, e.g. if you have Sites A, B, and C activated on your license key, and you change Site B’s region setting from United States to Europe, all three sites will now be changed to use the Europe region.

All of the above is to say, if you have sites already setup with Legal Signing and need to swap the region, be careful when changing the region and if you’re a brand new customer, be sure you get started on the correct region from the outset.

If you’ve already gotten started with Legal Signing and want to swap to another region, we will need to migrate your templates to your desired regional server. To get this started, please drop us a line via our support form

You will experience document generation downtime between us migrating the templates and you switching the region in the product settings. This process can’t be scheduled with us, migration will occur at any time during our support hours (10AM-6PM Eastern, Monday-Friday, excepting holidays) after you’ve sent in your request to migrate.

We wouldn’t recommend completing any signing workflows until the migration is finished as that may require your signers to fully re-do their submissions and signing as documents can’t be regenerated retroactively if they fail to generate due to the necessary fillable template being unavailable at the time of workflow completion.