Legal Consent Field

The Legal Consent field is a custom field added with Legal Signing that facilities the disclosure of, and collection of consent for, the terms necessary to be compliant with e-signature laws. This field is a slightly tweaked version of the default Gravity Forms Consent Field, with a few key differences covered below.

Default Description

With the Legal Consent field, we automatically default to using a consumer disclosure covering the terms between your party and the signing parties that was prepared by our legal counsel as the description for this form.

If you’re familiar with signing electronically yourself via existing platforms like DocuSign, you’ve likely seen and agreed to a statement extremely similar to this as it is required by law.

You do have the ability to click the link to “Use Custom Consent Statement” which will allow you to use different text in the Legal Consent consent field’s description, however, we would only recommend doing this if you have your own legally vetted signature terms you’ll be using. Changing this field’s description to something that isn’t legally compliant with e-signature regulations could invalidate the legality of the signatures you’re collecting and the documents being generated via Legal Signing.

Mandatory Field

The Legal Consent field is a mandatory field that all signers must complete and consent via the checkbox as part of a signing workflow. Disclosure of signing related terms, and the signers explicit consent to those terms, is an extremely important part of being compliant wit governmental signature regulations.

The user must physically click this box themselves when signing via Legal Signing, you cannot automatically do it for them as you can’t legally consent to the terms for your signers on their behalf.

Because of this, the field is automatically assigned to each signer in the workflow.

You additionally cannot hide this field via the field visibility settings nor can conditional logic be applied to the field, both settings will be missing. This however does not stop you from hiding the field via CSS or other programatic avenues, however note that doing this and not having the user be disclosed the terms and explicitly agree to them will potentially invalidate the collected signatures legally.