This JavaScript hook allows you to control how many documents in the Document Hub are returned per request.

This allows you to fine tune the request size to further chunk up fetching documents and setting this to a lower number could improve performance of the Document Hub if you have a large number of documents being requested overall.

The total documents to be requested will still always be the same, but this is done over multiple separate requests, this hook allows you to control how many documents are fetched with each request.


The following would set the requested documents per request to 3, down from the default 20.

gform.addFilter( 'legalsigning_blocks_documents_request_per_page', function( perPage ) {
    return 3;
} );


Where Do I Put This Code?

This is one of the few JavaScript based development filters we have and should be placed somewhere in your setup where JavaScript based code can be managed.

This Gravity Forms documentation article has some good suggestions on how to include JavaScript based code in your setup.


This hook was added in Legal Signing 3.0.2