Resending Signer Notifications

As of Legal Signing 3.0, you can now resend the “Ready for Signing” notification sent to signers when it is their turn to participate in a Legal Signing workflow without having to restart the entire signing workflow to do so.

To resend the notification, navigate to the entry detail for an entry with an active workflow and scroll down to the “Audit Trail” metabox. If you expand the details for one of the additional signer in the audit trail that the workflow is currently working on for a signature, you’ll find a new “Resend” button. Clicking this will resend the “Ready for Signing” notification to that signer’s email address.

If you refresh the entry detail, you can also check the entry notes section to make sure the resent notification was passed off to your server’s mail setup successfully for sending.

Couple things to keep in mind with this: